Shop to Support Home FurEver

We have an extensive network of companies that will donate a portion of sales directly to Home FurEver. Here’s how you can support Home FurEver by shopping for items you already need.

Did you know that if you select a charitable organization their Amazon Smile program, Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase you make to that charity?

Home FurEver is a registered nonprofit with Amazon Smile. Click here to sign up and list Home FurEver as your charity of choice. Please note: for your purchases to count toward our charitable rewards, you’ll have to do your shopping via instead of via…but don’t worry, if you forget their system is set up to give you a gentle reminder!

Through their Community Rewards Program, Kroger will also donate a portion of every purchase you make to a charitable organization of your choice. That’s right, you can help save a dog’s life just by doing your weekly grocery shopping!

This is another program where you need to identify Home FurEver as your chosen nonprofit before we can begin receiving donations. To sign up, visit this link and register Home FurEver as your selected charity (Home FurEver’s code is 91146). is an online pet supply store. They carry everything from pet food and treats to leashes, clothes, and furniture. They sell items not only for dogs and cats, but for horses, fish, reptiles, and other pets. Best of all, every purchase results in a donation to Home FurEver! Click here to start shopping on

Hendrick & Co. was founded in 2011 simply to save animals in need.

With every shirt, hoodie, bracelet, or dog accessory purchased, Hendrick & Co. delivers a $10 donation to a rescue or foster organization. More than 600 rescues, shelters and sanctuaries in the U.S. and Canada have partnered with Hendrick & Co., resulting in over $1M in donations so far. Be part of the movement: click here to start shopping!


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