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Help us get vaccines for all our dogs


Baby Hosta is fighting for his life. Hosta and his 7 siblings were surrendered to HFE at just four weeks old. Baby Hosta developed a severe bacterial infection; due to the inadequate living/eating conditions he faced before we took him in, his little frail immune system was not strong enough to fight it off. He was rushed to the emergency vet. Hosta’s condition was so urgent that we didn’t have time to take him to Wilsons, our regular emergency vet. Right now, he’s at Veterinary Emergency Services. It’s been a few days and he is still not stable enough to be transferred to Wilsons. His current bill is $2700 and climbing. Please consider helping us fight for Baby Hosta’s life! If you are unable to make a tax deductible donation, another way to help is by going to the link and hitting the share button.

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