Merry Christmas from HFE

Happy Holidays and Urgent Plea for Donations for Leif

We need to raise funds for Leif’s vertebrae surgery and for our rescue efforts. This surgery is needed is absolutely needed for Leif to live a pain-free life, and can only be done with additional donations to Home FurEver.

Leif’s diagnosis from an MRI shows dorsal to dorsal lateral bilaterally smoothly marginated regions of moderate to severe spinal cord compression at level T3-T6 causing dorsal and lateral to circumferential spinal cord compression. These findings are most consistent with spinal cord compression secondary to bony spinal malformation (hemivertebra).

We cannot afford this surgery due to the number vet bills incurred over this past year for veterinary care of our dogs and puppies. Home FurEver is in need of funds not only for Leif’s surgery, but to pay our outstanding vet bills and the continued emergency care for all of the dogs and puppies in our care.

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Gourmet Popcorn Fundraiser

IT’S HERE! Home FurEver would like to announce our inaugural Nom Nom Gourmet Popcorn Fundraising Campaign. We’re excited to partner with the Nom Nom Gourmet Popcorn company who offers over 80 flavors of popcorn-some as traditional as movie butter popcorn, to more adventurous fare like s’mores and fruit salad. While you enjoy your Christmas Eggnog, how about some Eggnog Popcorn?

For this holiday season, pick up some popcorn for yourself and your loved ones while helping out a good cause.  A portion of each sale goes to Home FurEver to support our continued rescue efforts.