Loving Foster or Forever Home Needed


Like so many of our rescue dogs, Chevy has a very sad history: he was found in a run-down, abandoned home. When he was discovered, Chevy was starved – he was just skin and bones – and filthy. He was also heartworm positive.

Because his heartworm was so advanced, he had to spend a great deal of recovering. This did not give him a chance to learn to socialize with other dogs, and he simply has not been able to acclimate to the other dogs in his current foster home. His fosters are also caring for other dogs with serious medical issues; now that Chevy has recovered, we’ve decided that it would be best for everyone if he were moved to a foster home that has no other animals.  He would be perfectly happy with a family or a single person of his own to care for and to snuggle with for the rest of his days. Continue reading “Loving Foster or Forever Home Needed”